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With the TS820 and TS821 bread machine, it is very easy and simple for you to make delicious cakes and breads at home. The machine has been equipped with 12 baking functions and 3 level of color adjustment together with the timer function up to 13 hours and keep warm for over 60 minutes after being baked. You can easily choose the function and operate the machine through the LCD screen and the buttons. In this paper, we would like to introduce you the manual of the bread makers TS820 and TS 821.How-to-use-bread-maker


You can start up the machine or reuse the chosen baking program.

To start a program,you need to press and hold the “START / STOP” for about 3 seconds. When the display screen appear 2 black flicker dots together with the sound, the machine start it operation. When complete selecting the program for the machine, you should not press any button except from the “START / STOP”.

To stop the program, press and hold the “START / STOP” for about 3 seconds until the noise emit, and then the program will stop. This feature will help the machine without interruption during operating.

  • MENU

The menu is used to set different programs. Each time you press the Menu button, it will allow you to select the program you want to select. If you press 12 times continuously, the program will return to the original. The machine includes 12 programs:

  1. BASIC: Kneading and baking the basic types of bread. You can put ingredients and spices into the cake according to your wishes.
  2. FRENCH: Kneading and baking with a longer mixing time. Bread baked according to this menu is usually more brittle crust and softer.
  3. WHOLE WHEAT: Kneading and baking grilled rye bread. Select this program, the heating time will be longer and make flour absorb all the water and rise. If you choose this program, you cannot choose DELAY function because when selecting the delay function, the quality of bread will decrease.
  4. QUICK: Kneading and baking cakes made of flour with baking soda water. Bread baked according to this program is generally smaller.
  5. SWEET: Kneading and baking sweet bread
  6. ULTRA FAST I: Kneading and baking cakes in a short time. The bread made by this program will be smaller.
  7. 7. DOUGH: Just kneading the flour but not bake it. You just need to take out kneaded dough and shape it for various kinds of bread as pasta, pizza.
  8. 8. JAM: Boiling jam and mashing fruit jam.
  9. SANDWICH: Kneading and baking breads with thin shell
  10. BAKE: This program is used to increase the baking time for the selected program.

With this button you can select the color yellowish, yellow and dark yellow for the crust. You press the button and select the color of the crust you want.


You can use this function if you do not want the machine remain running

Note: The longest delay time is 13 hours and include baking time. If you use this mode you should not bake these cakes which have eggs, milk, fruits and onions … etc.


After being well baked, the bread is still kept warm for about 60 minutes. If you want to take the bread out, you need to turn off the machine by pressing the button START/ STOP


If suddenly the electricity goes out when the machine is operating no longer than 15 minutes, the machine will automatically operate again. In case of power takes longer than 15 minutes, it is required to press the button to restart the machine from scratch.


The machine can work in many different temperatures, but the quality of bread will vary if the temperature is different in rooms. Manufacturer recommends the room temperature  should be between 15 and 30 ° C.

  1. If the display shows “H: HH” press START / STOP, it means that the internal temperature is too hot, you can press START / STOP Then the program must be canceled. In such cases, open the lid and allow to cool for 10 to 20 minutes.
  2. If the display shows “E: EE” after pressing START / STOP, the temperature sensor is not connected. In such a case, bring the machine to a service center for inspection.

When a new machine is first used, there may be little smoke and a characteristic odor. This is a normal phenomenon and will end immediately. Be sure to check the placement of the machine to ensure it has enough ventilation.

  1. Check all the parts before use to prevent damage and unwanted accident. If the machine has any damage, you should take it to the repairing store to maintain it. Do not fix it by yourself if you do not have any experience.
  2. Clean the machine regularly. After using, you should use a wet cloth to wipe the machine. It is better for you to use the specialize detergent for cleaning the machine. Make sure that the placement of the machine is clean, airy and not wet to prolong the durability of the bread machine. You can read the best bread machine reviews 2016 article here and pick an appropriate one.
  3. Place the bread machine with the fixed baking program that will bake bread for 10 minutes.

4. Dry and careful store all of the machine parts for future use.

Bread machines for family

Home –made bread seem to be one of the safest foods for every people because you can ensure the quality of the food. However, without a good knowledge of using bread making machines, you will have to invest a lot of effort with the traditional cooking process. Today, with the appearance of bread machine, you can free yourself from the busy work in the kitchen and have much time for taking care of yourself. In this paper, we would like to share you more information about how to choose a good bread machine so that you can have a good selection.


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After considering all the technical specifications of the machines and choose the most suitable product, you have to make a choice of a reputable manufacturers. The good news is that there are hundreds of producers specializing in producing bread machines in the world so that you can have a variety of choices. However, you may get confused because of the variety of products from different designs, characteristics, functions, sizes and colors…There are several brands that gain the preference of the  customers on the market such as Tiross, Zojirushi, Phillips, Kangaroos and Rusell Hobbs with the different origins like China, Japan and Poland.

Besides the criterion of brand, you should also consider the price of the product. It can be said that the manufacturers always try their best to satisfy the requirement of customers because they can provides the consumers with products of different prices. Actually, it doesn’t cost you a considerable amount of money to buy a normal bread making machine with the basic functions. However, this type cannot ensure the long time use and often has low quality. With the products from higher price, you can enjoy the modern and elegant designs, high quality material and the high duration as well.

We can recommend you some product lines on the current market as follow:

  1. Bread machine Kangaroo KG 396

This modern machine is designed with 12 functions in making breads, helping you to create the most tasteful and attractive bread ever. The machine has the function to auto-save the cooking program and self-operate when electric goes out. The timing function helps you to set time up to 13 hours. Besides, the machine is upgrades with the timing screen, helping you to watch the cooking process easily.

  1. Bread machine Tiross TS-822

It is another smart choice for those who have strong interest in making bread. With the price from $100, this machine is much suitable for the family of the average income. Imported from Poland, the machine is well known for the high quality and long duration. In addition, the device also has the same functions as the Kangaroo products.

  1. Bread machine Zojirushi

This machine is considered as the best bread machine on the world with the high quality of finished bread. However, the price of this product line is quite high so it seems to be out of reach to low income family. The machine has some familiar characteristic to 2 kinds above.

How to ensure the right proportion of materials in making bread

When making bread, one of the most vital issues is controlling the proportion of the raw material because it is the decisive factor that makes a contribution to the quality of the slide of bread. However, when cooking by yourself, you much depend on your hand-on experience, which may sometimes decrease the quality and taste of the cake. Therefore, it is better for use to make use of a bread machine which can provide you the detailed instruction and useful recipe. It will help you to reduce a lot of work that you need to do and increase the taste as well as the quality of bread. In this paper, we will share you some notes about the percentage of each material in baking bread.

To make the high quality bread with the right proportion of ingredients, you need to take use of a specialized cup and spoon used in measuring the amount of water, oil, flour and salt. You should follow strictly the recipe to ensure the taste of the finished products.

  1. The rate of fluidbaking-with-bread-machine

Fresh milk, water and formula need to be measured by specialized cup. One note you should take into consideration is that after finishing measuring one type of material, you need to dry and clean the measuring cup so that the previous ingredient doesn’t remain in the cup.

  1. The dry powder

The powder should be left natural, filled in the cup to ensure the accurate amount of material.

  1. Mixing material

mixing-matterialThese materials are put into the pot according to the following order: water or aqueous, egg, salt, milk, flour … When putting the
ingredients into the pot, powder may be wet, note that only yeast is added to the dry powder. It is forbidden to let salt contact yeast. After the dough has been mixed well, you may here a beep sound from the machine. It is a signal that you can put another material into the machine. You can add the fruit raw material (if any) to the flour mixture. If you put the fruit in the first place, after mixing, the cake will not smell the fragrance of the fruit. If you use long timer, you should not use perishable ingredients such as eggs, fruit …

With these suggestions above, we hope that you can have more knowledge about making bread with the right proportion of material. It is better for you to follow exactly the steps of the recipe.

How to make baguette bread

You maybe have chance to enjoy a crispy slide of Baguette bread and never forget its taste. The recipe of baguette is very simple so you can do it at home with the support of a bread machine.

Baguette bread are often used to make sandwiches for breakfast or lunch and dinner.. Besides, you can use it as a kind of material for cooking soup with vegetables or other ingredients. In this paper, we would like to introduce you a recipe to make bread.

  1. Preparation Material

– Wheat: 600 gr

– Salt: 8 gr

– Additives: 1/3 tablespoons

– Sourdough: 60 gr

– Water: 300 ml

– Melted butter: 25 gr

  1. How to make bread

a. Mixing flour

– Manual: Use a large plastic bowl and put all the ingredients in. Then, pour the water-soluble salt and stir until  the flour is soft. After that, you can use a piece of clean cloth to cover the four and then knead dough.

– By bread machine: this way is much easier and deprive you of less effort. All you need to do is just put all the ingredients in the machine and let it mix the flour for about 7-10 minutes, and then take out the flour and knead it until it is smooth with temperatures from 22-25 degrees.

b. Incubating flour

Normally, the time for incubating also depends on the weather. Specifically, in the summer,you need to incubate the flour for about 45 minutes, however, in winter, it takes about 1 hour to incubate the four to rise double.

You should also take note that when waiting for the flour to rise double, you should use a piece of cloth to cover the surface of flour to avoid it drying.

c. Howfrench-bread-top to make baguette bread

Depending on the size of the bread, you should use the appropriate amount of flour. For example, if you want to make big size bread with 60 cm in length, you need at least 300 gr flour. With the 30 cm bread, the needed amount of flour is about 150 gr.

To make baguette bread easily, you should spread out dough to about 20 cm in length and then keep spreading and roll two sides together.

While waiting the bread rising, you can do another work like using paper to cover the bottom of the tray to avoid the flour sticking. After putting the flour into the trays, you should take use of a towel to cover the tray. Depending on the temperature and the quality of the mixture to determine the incubation time.

d. How to bake

First, use a damp cloth to wipe the bread oven. Then take the incubated flour out use a sharp knife to cut the surface of the cake about 5-7cm depending on the length of the cake. Then put the tray into an oven.

Turn on the oven for about 5 minutes at 250 degree and then after lower temperature to 220 degree. When the bread is well baked, you can take it out of the oven.

Homemade bread with the support of bread machines

To many people, bread is one of the ideal choices for breakfast because of its convenience and easy making process.  However, when purchasing breads in the supermarkets or stores, you cannot guarantee the quality as well as the safety of this food so it may pose a threat to your health. Therefore, it is essential for you to prepare home-made bread for your family with the support of bread machine. With the appearance of this useful equipment, you can make breads easily and quickly at home and can save a lot of money. In this paper, I would like to share you some useful information about the benefits of breads and several notes on how to use bread machine properly.bread-maker-audacity-of-food
1. Advantages of breads
•    Helps skin:
Our skin needs protein to keep its healthy appearance both inside and outside. Some people believe that this amazing nutrition is only contained in steak and fish; however, actually bread is a rich source of protein. Therefore, by eating four slices of bread on daily basis, you can be provide one fourth of protein if you are women
•    Strengthen the bones system
Four slices of white bread each day gives us 164mg calcium. The girls aged from 10 to 15often eat only 300 milligrams of calcium per day; this is a very serious problem for the development of bone, leading to high risk of diseases related to bone. Therefore, the consumption of bread for breakfast every morning can significantly strengthen your bones
•    Keep the positive mood
We need folic acid to help the nerve system healthy. Women of childbearing age should have 400 micrograms daily of that substance, and four slices of bread will provide this demand. Some researches show that the lack of iron and folic acid in food makes women always in the stage of being tired and frustrated when working.
•    Help to reduce fat
If you’re in the diet, one of the first foods you should think about is bread. A slice of white bread contains about 77 calories, just 6 calories less than a biscuit and equivalent to the amount of butter you use together with slices of bread. So bread can help you avoid obesity with a reasonable diet.
•    Support the digestion
Bread provides human fiber; therefore, it is very good for digestion. Two slices of brown bread for lunch will provide 1/3 of the daily fiber requirement of you.
2.  Homemade bread with bread machines
In this part, I would like to introduce you one of the best bread machine for your house: Bread machine Tiross TS822. This product line is produced according to the Poland standard and technology with the aim to bring the high quality and convenient products to the housewives, reducing time and money on doing housework.
With the help of this machine, you can quickly serve your family with delicious slices of bread that can be used together with fried eggs, bacon and butters. The breakfast will no longer deprive you a large amount of time and effort and you still can ensure the food safety for the whole family members.
3. How to use bread machine properly
Before using the bread machine, it is necessary for you to read carefully the manual to have the manual beforehand to have a good command of the machine operation. There are some basic rules that you should pay attention when making use of a bread machine:
–    Reading the using instruction beforehand
–    Before operating the machine, carefully check the power source to make sure that it match with the power on the label of the machine
–    Do not use the broken wire or damaged plugs because it can cause danger for users.
–    Do not touch the heated parts to avoid being burned
–    When the machine is damage, bring it to the repairing store, do not fix it by yourself
–    After the work has done, unplug the machine
With the useful information above we hope that you can be well aware of the significant benefits of bread and can purchase a good bread machine for your house to serve your family with the most delicious bread ever.

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